More than ten percent of the population experience some levels of sustained mild depression annually. Such individuals suffer from low mood, low performance at work, sleeping problems and unsuccessful personal life. They are also more susceptible to develop major depression and other mental and physical disorders such as heart failure. Taken together, the socio-economical burden of mild depression is estimated to be more than 80 Billion Euro globally.

There is still no concrete solution for individuals with low mood. The main partial solutions are anti-depressants with slight positive effects accompanied by ample of side effects. Other solutions include psychotherapy and mindfulness training with little proven effect and high demand for time investment, which often disrupts the whole therapy. Alternatively, wearable electric devices that improve the user’s mood have attracted more than 50 Million Euro over the past few years. Such investments have been made in a number of high-tech American companies such as Thync Inc.

EmoSys has designed a wearable device called GoodMood, aiming at mood elevation, based on the latest findings in the field of affective neuroscience. Such findings suggest that electric stimulation of the facial nerves can be used to elevate the mood. For that, the stimulations require to repeatedly evoke the brain activation patterns in which the the users experience happy feelings. The approach in GoodMood is expected to be more effective than the current solutions regarding its targeted pattern of stimulation.


Introduces accessible solution for depression

Version: 30/11/2018