Experimental Psychopathology (EPP)

Experimental Psychopathology (“EPP”) is the name of the Dutch-Flemish post-graduate school that unites EPP researchers from the universities in The Netherlands and Belgium.

History: The school was founded in 1995. Over the last decade around 40 PhD students are annually enrolled and some 115 faculty members from the participating universities, all active EPP researchers, are senior members of the school.

Our mission: The school’s mission is to provide excellent post-graduate training to PhD students from the participating institutions: workshops, seminars, hands-on training et cetera. We believe that diagnosis and treatment of mental health problems requires understanding causal, underlying processes that drive the problems, and that experimental analysis provides the strongest tools to unravel such processes. Therefore, there is a strong emphasis on experimental research. It covers the continuum between basic and applied science, with an emphasis on experimental (clinical) psychology and cognitive (neuro) science.

Website EPP: https://epp-research.eu





Version: 26/02/2018