Health Potential

Genetics, lifestyle, and environment are key contributors of many human diseases. Thus, personalized health consulting is particularly effective when the mentioned factors are examined in a comprehensive method. With that articulated, Health Potential (HP), a Maastricht University spin-off, is formed to provide such unique service. The Department of Complex Genetics at Maastricht University is continuously systematically reviewing all scientific studies on the relation between DNA markers, lifestyle risk factors, and the most common chronic diseases. This knowledge has led to a massive data-driven algorithm that can estimate disease risks of individuals.

HP’s provides health professionals with personalized disease risk profiling for their customers, based on their previous life experiences, exposures and DNA code. With this information, health professionals can provide up-to-date and fact-based life style advice on how to reduce those disease risks and help clients to achieve optimal health.

Version: 22/12/2017