MECC Maastricht

Mission statement

MECC Maastricht’s product is success

With our flexibility, high level of service and entrepreneurial attitude we offer organisers, participants and visitors to trade fairs, congresses and events maximum success. As a modern exhibition and convention centre, MECC Maastricht contributes strongly to the (economic) attractiveness of Maastricht.


MECC Maastricht offers a successful partnership.
MECC Maastricht exceeds their partners’ expectations by excelling on an operational and commercial level. This leads to achieving or exceeding intended goals.

More then 25 years

MECC Maastricht: hospitable and service oriented, specialised in organising (inter)national conferences, expos, and events. We are proud to be in the top 3 conference venues in the Netherlands.
Clients have appreciated our organisational strength, professionalism, team loyalty, high level of 24/7 service, flexibility, and high-tech facilities for over 25 years, and we'd like to celebrate that success with you.

Version: 22/12/2017