The world's first slaughter-free meat

Mark Post, Chief Scientific Officer MosaMeat


  MosaMeat is an excellent example of our valorization approach that is focused on transforming cutting edge knowledge into products and services that benefit society and public health. MosaMeat’s substantial business opportunities will also increase employment in Limburg. As a result, our region will benefit from the valorization of Mark Post’s scientific efforts. Prof. dr. Jan Cobbenhagen (CEO, Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus)

About MosaMeat

With the demand for meat expected to increase by two-thirds, the world is facing critical food shortages in the near future according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Cultured meat represents the crucial first step in finding a sustainable alternative to conventional meat production and MosaMeat will be the company to produce cultured meat in the future.

The production of meat through tissue culture could have an immense effect on reducing the environmental impact of our agriculture system, minimizing threats to public health, addressing issues of animal welfare, and providing food security.

Quintessential Brightlands 

MosaMeat exemplifies the ambition of Brightlands to shape our future to be valuable, sustainable, and bright for everyone on this planet. To make this ambition a reality, researchers are developing and testing new ideas and entrepreneurs are searching for new business opportunities. At Brightlands they can make their dreams a reality in a campus environment that has the best facilities and an enterprising scientific climate that benefits from the multitude of crossover opportunities.


Nothing but cultured meat in supermarkets 20 years from now

Version: 30/11/2018