NXTMED expert in healthcare automation


Our mission is
Building Platforms and bringing new cloud technology, knowledge engineering, artificial intelligence and machine-learning computing platforms into hospitals, towards medical processes and to doctors.

Nxtmed is the specialist for inhouse medical information and communication infrastructures for Healthcare. 

We provide experts, engineers and project/program managers in system engineering for medical information and communication technology for healthcare-organisations. 

We run and service infrastructure platforms at quality experience “ as a service in house”.

Our Health Innovation Platform (HIP):
for Hospitals we build a virtual compute cluster that can be run in-house, optimising the capacity of the available workspace infrastructure. 

This includes:
-       an acces-mechanism that secures anonymous data-lakes and make them accessible to designated compute nodes and analysts;
-       an analyst / research workspace that can be used remotely, but nonetheless secures your data (no export data);
-       the platform enables analysts and researchers to work with doctors in order to develop an innovation portfolio;
-       the platform enables doctors to build, validate and run their own decision support algorithms based on the historical images and EPR data for their specific expertise and clinical requirements.

Computer Aided Radiologist Diagnosis Support

Nxtmed focusses on the development of an AI-based diagnostic tool for skeleton fractures. This tool improves fracture detection and supports you to get a correct diagnosis.

With this in mind Nxtmed builds an AI-platform based on new technology which also tests and maintains the algorithm on the premise to respect privacy and security.

The CARDS algorithm is trained, while using the historic x-ray image data, annotation and result sets already available in the PACS and EPR of every hospital. The algorithm will be updated on a monthly basis and will be build into the radiologists PACS/RIS workflow.

Skeleton radiologists set the golden standard for the self-learning engine.

For more information please contact Phylon Lokkerbol or Marc Voncken 

Nxtmed Maastricht Brightlands Health Campus