Oncoradiomics is a privately held Life Science company established in Liege (Belgium) in 2016. Its intellectual property (IP) originates from Maastricht Radiation Oncology (MAASTRO) Clinic and from its own research. Oncoradiomics is currently owned by Benelux Health Ventures.

The management structure of Oncoradiomics consists of the Management Team (MT), the Supervisory Board (SB) and the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) allowing an effective management and guaranteeing a high level of transparency.

The company is currently led by Paul Tulcinsky, the owner of Benelux Health Ventures, as an interim CEO. Oncoradiomics is actively searching for an entrepreneurial executive with a proven track record as a permanent CEO. Other key management members include the co-inventors Ralph Leijenaar as the Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) and Sean Walsh as Chief Technology Officer (CTO). The supervisory board will initially consist of Tom Miller, an experienced MedTech executive who is currently active in various consulting, investment, and management activities and Paul Tulcinsky (after a CEO is on board). The remaining seats are reserved for upcoming investors.

The SAB contains members including Prof. Benoit Macq (Université Catholique de Louvain) and Prof. Dirk De Ruysscher (University of Leuven and Maastricht University). Further experts from other renown institutions are due to be added in the near future and will be added depending on the focus of specific R&D projects or clinical trials.

Version: 22/12/2017