Exploiting the information embedded in medical images, the company develops products and services with the ultimate goal of providing higher quality care for cancer patients while minimizing total treatment cost at the same time.

Our mission is to enable the right diagnosis & treatment for the right patient through quantitative imaging and machine learning.​

OncoRadiomics harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to deliver accurate and robust clinical decision support systems based on standard clinical imaging.

OncoRadiomics is a privately held Life Science spin-off company established in Liege (Belgium) in 2016 and currently owned by Benelux Health Ventures. Its intellectual property (IP) originates from Maastricht Radiation Oncology (MAASTRO) Clinic and from its own research.

RadiomiX is a platform for the high-throughput mining of quantitative image features from (standard-of-care) medical imaging for knowledge extraction and application within clinical decision support systems to improve diagnostic, prognostic, and predictive accuracy. It exploits sophisticated machine learning and the exponential growth of medical imaging data to develop and validate powerful image-based signatures/models for precision diagnosis and treatment in medicine.

DistriMis a distributed learning of medical data solution; an innovative privacy-by-design approach to access and machine-learn from distributed medical datasets using semantic web technology. Enabling a globally scalable encrypted network to develop and validate new RadiomiX signatures, as well as continuously update and refine existing signatures to increase performance.

We believe it will be thevirtual patient avataror VPA which will be a synthetic entity of standardized biomarkers linked to each other through an ontology. The VPA will be fed from data generated directly from the general practitioner, the hospitals and the patient via smartphone and multiple nanosensors. The VPA will have at least two levels of complexity: One data aggregation system- version for doctors, and one smart phone interactive system - version for the patient. The system will first focus on wellness and make the patient responsible for his health. It will calculate probabilities of diseases through simple dashboards, will proposes preventive actions and monitor them. It will be a type of digital guardian angel in the cloud, if you wish.





Version: 19/06/2018