The company is a medtech startup focused on Point-of-Care blood diagnostic devices, ready to launch its first product - a low cost, safe, easy to use, and fast automated platelet counter - onto the market end 2016. The company’s mission is to bring innovative Pointof- Care diagnostic devices for hemologic biomarkermeasurement to market, making diagnosis and therapy of platelet abnormalities and other diseases faster, easier, more accessible, and more cost effective. Access to patented (fluorescent) optical measurement techniques and validated analytical algorithms offers the company a high potential launching product.

Key partners are CARIM School for Cardiovascular Diseases (Maastricht University) and 2M Engineering, an SME in the area of health & industrial sensor solutions. Opnostics and its partners will jointly look for additional nondilutive funding for the development of new products which will then be transferred to Opnostics for commercialization. Opnostics’ mid-term ambition is to become an established player in the Proof-of-Concept diagnostic devices on the international medical devices market.

Version: 22/12/2017