ptTheragnostic is a spin-off company of Maastro clinic (MC) and Maastricht University Medical Center (MUMC) which will achieve more effective, individualised radiation therapy for cancer patients. ptTheragnostic is initially based on the mitochondrial DNA assay, MitoTx™, to predict the risk for radiation-induced toxicity in patients that undergo radiotherapy. The company incorporated a second asset, PRODECIS™, which is a clinical decision support system to select the right patients for proton therapy. With these two assets the company has improved its positioning and increased the likelihood of attracting funding. All together, ptTheragnostic is the service company for patient stratification in radiotherapy.

ptTheragnostic is a joint effort between MC and the MUMC. MC is one of Europe’s leading radiation therapy facilities. MC has ample expertise in dose modelling, imaging and developing prediction models for survival as well as toxicity outcomes. The research lab and the expertise in experimental design and data-analysis will be utilised via the unit Clinical Genomics of the Department of Clinical Genetics of the MUMC. The strength of this partnership is the unique multidisciplinary team that consists of clinicians, physicists and IT specialists. This team will conduct fundamental research and translate this into innovations with benefit for patients. Moreover, the MC and MUMC will also offer future IP assets with regard to ptTheragnostics services which allow further development and consolidation of the company.

Version: 22/12/2017