Department of Work and Social Psychology (WSP)

The department of Work and Social Psychology (WSP) is one of the four departments through which the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience conducts its research. It accommodates two research sections: Applied Social Psychology and Work and Organisational Psychology. The research in both sections focuses specifically on the design and evaluation of theory-and evidence-based behaviour and organisational change programmes. Important research themes are health, safety, environment, and employment.

The Applied Social Psychology section focuses on the application of psychological theory about behaviour and behaviour change to the promotion of health, safety, and a sustainable environment. Areas of interest are:

  • Risk communication and persuasion
  • Evolutionary approaches to health behaviour
  • Emotion and Emotion Regulation
  • Neuroscience methods in Health Psychology
  • Stigmatisation and Prejudice
  • Planned behaviour change using the Intervention Mapping protocol

For the Work and Organisational Psychology section research focuses on the concept of ‘sustainable employment’: ‘what is it?’ ‘how can it be implemented in organisations?’. In addition the concept of ‘inclusive organisations’ has been developed, which focuses on creating jobs for people with a distant to the labour market. The research in this section covers a broad range of aspects including:

  • Fundamental neuroscientific explorations of mental effort
  • Effectiveness of health promotion programmes in work settings
  • Sustainable employment in inclusive organisations
  • Recovering from strain after work, including the role of ‘mindfulness’
  • Morality and ethical behaviour Teamwork in complex and dynamic settings

WSP offers a master’s programme in Work and Organisational Psychology, with a strong focus on the cognitive aspects of work, and additionally offers a double degree programmewith the University of Seville, Spain. The Applied Social Psychology group contributes to the master’s programme in Health and Social Psychology, and both sections contribute to the Master Human Decision Science of the School of Business and Economics at Maastricht University.

Version: 23/01/2018