Knowledge Transfer Funds

Knowledge Transfer Funds is the knowledge center dedicated to creating value for Brightlands, Maastricht University, and Maastricht University Medical Center+. It supports researchers, students, and companies in turning scientific and technological knowledge into new businesses.

Knowledge Transfer Funds scouts, screens, and prioritizes promising technologies in research and educational institutes and the business world. It also patents discoveries and manages the patent portfolio, develops business models, cases, and plans, takes care of licensing, and launches and spins out technologies as new companies. In its business development role, Knowledge Transfer Funds negotiates with potential partners and financiers, installs management teams, and provides the necessary legal and administrative support.

Examples of companies created in a valorization process include ACS Biomarker, FABPulous, Vision2Health, GlycoCheck, Xair Diagnostics, and Psymate.

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Version: 22/12/2017