Mitsubishi Engineering-Plastics

Mitsubishi Engineering-Plastics Corporation (MEP) is a leading global supplier of engineering plastics and focuses on developing new materials to meet the changing needs of end users and supporting the product development activities of our customers.

MEP was established in March 1994, following the consolidation of the engineering plastics businesses of Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc., and Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation. The product portfolio  includes Polycarbonate & Blends (XANTAR® IUPILON® NOVAREX®) Polyamide MXD6 (RENY®), Polybutylene Terephthalate (NOVADURAN®), Polyacetal (IUPITAL®) and modified PPE ( IUPIACE®, LEMALLOY®).

The European subsidiary MEP Europe GmbH was established in 2002 in Dusseldorf, Germany.

MEP Europe B.V. Technical Center started in 2010 and is located on the Research campus of the Chemelot site. It is  the European Research & Development center for Mitsubishi Engineering-Plastics corporation.

Together with centers in Japan, China and Thailand we provide global technical support to our customers by:

  • Developing new added value products within the engineering plastics portfolio of  MEP, based on customer needs.
  • Developing new innovative applications of our products in selected marketsegments, such as Electrical & Electronics and Automotive in close partnership with our customers.
  • Providing service to our customers in their entire process from first design to mass production.

Moreover the Center provides technical support to the production facilities in Europe.