Rabobank is a cooperative bank at the heart of the community. The bank is run for and by its customers and we feel a strong bond with our customers and members. This is why we strive every day to strengthen both our customers and their environment. To work together on making the world a better place to live. We call it Growing a better world together.

Rabobank occupies a leading position in the agriculture and food sector, both in the Netherlands and globally. Our agricultural roots mean that we have an unique understanding of the agriculture and food industries. This is why we want to take the lead in making the agriculture and food industries more sustainable, and we’re using our knowledge, network and money to support our customers and partners in this. We also bring producers, consumers, government bodies and the community together in order to collaborate on solving the global food challenge.

Meet our Business Innovation Team Limburg. The innovation managers in this team help entrepreneurs to innovate and to grow sustainably. They challenge, coach, connect and fund start-ups, growing businesses and innovators in all industries.