The mission is to improve public health and the individual quality of life by developing unique, innovative concepts and products!

VitaK is a world-leading provider of medical products and laboratory services with its own R&D department specialized in developing and manufacturing high-quality innovative medical devices. Our biotech department is dedicated to developing tests for early stage detection of diseases and personalized treatment options.

As a spin-off of Maastricht University we are a science- and quality-focused organization with the goal of providing innovative Point of Care and In Vitro Diagnostics technology to medical and health care professionals. Our scientists are devoted researchers with an impressive track record, and they address upcoming clinical and economic needs through applied research and innovative technology.

VitaK also offers the execution of clinical trials providing the customer with accurate data on intermediate or clinical endpoints, for instance resulting from dietary supplement or drug interventions.

Our aim is to help reduce costs, improve efficacy and enhance the quality of healthcare worldwide. We are specialized in the research, development, design and production of intelligent medical technology that saves time and costs in the care and cure sector. Our leading research forms the basis for partnering with the international pharmaceutical companies and medical devices industry to jointly optimize public health and improve healthcare.

We produce more than 40 scientific articles (research papers) per year. Vitak team discovered 18 patents in cardiovascular area.

Vitak has 3 divisions (POC & IVD, CRO, R&D).

1) Division "Point of Care & In Vitro Diagnostic and E-health"
2) Division "Research and Development"
3) Division "CRO"

Version 2/10/2017