A European Centre of Excellence in Ultra-High-Field MRI has been established on the Maastricht Health Campus – pooling the expertise of an international group of technological, clinical and academic organizations.

Scannexus provides a unique, integrated platform that combines state-of-the art technology with know-how and internationally renowned expertise in post-acquisition processing of Ultra-High-Field MRI data. Through this, they provide a full support package for imaging-related research. You provide the question, they support your search for the answer.

The core elements of the Scannexus facility are three Ultra High-Field whole-body clinical MRI scanners, supplied by Siemens; a 3T Magnetom Prisma, a 7T Magnetom and a 9.4T Magnetom. Ultra-High-Field imaging provides new levels of insights into anatomy and function, opening up a range of possibilities with implications for medical diagnosis and treatment.


Less is more geldt niet voor MRI-scanners

Version: 30/11/2018