SmART Scientific Solutions

Through our experience in radiation therapy and cancer research , we were convinced that with the right software and tools, preclinical radiation and cancer research could be improved and accelerated. Bridging and shortening the translation between the lab and the clinic, increasing the pace of research in this field, everything for the benefit of the patient. That motivated us to found this company and continues to motivate us every day, all day. Have a look at this short movie to get an overview of what we are currently working on.

The company was founded to support research efforts in image-guided precision preclinical radiation research for cancer and other diseases, focused on the translational aspect. We develop and create a range of products, from hardware such as phantoms for imaging and dosimetry to software for analysis and preclinical radiation treatment planning. Our goal is to advance this new highly innovative research field to accelerate development of new treatment strategies.

Version: 22/12/2017