10 voor biologie

10voorBiologie is a collaboration between 10VO and group 10voorBiologie

Biology is everywhere and everywhere is biology. The 10voorBiology author team offers pupils insight into the coherence of the different aspects of the biology course and the role of modern biology in society. We also find it important that students get fascinated by biology and they see why they need to know and do certain things.

Unlike other methods, 10 voor biologie starts with the applications of biology in society, and then goes to theory. Pupils are presented with a problem that must be resolved (practical problem) or explained (theoretical problem), whereby the pupil must search for answers (inside or outside the school).

The aim of the makers of 10 voor Biologie is to let the student discover that everything around him / her has to do with biology. With 10 voor Biologie, teachers have the flexibility to offer curriculum in the way that suits them and the pupils best.