The risk in reward-based crowdfunding (pre-financed product/service) is currently unfairly divided. After investment 40% of the pledgers do not receive what they have paid for, they end up with a significant delay in the delivery, a changed product/service or no product at all. This holds back potential pledgers from (re)investing. This slows down ongoing campaigns. This decreases the chances of reaching the target for creators.

A crowdfunding platform where pledgers get more control over their investment through a milestone system, where the product creator receives his funding step by step (recorded in a smart contract). If a milestone is not met, the remaining funding will flow back to the pledgers. "Early-stage" pledgers are rewarded with tokens. You can either hold on to the tokens and hold a share of the product, or you can sell them at a higher price in a later stage. When the barrier for pledgers decreases, it becomes easier to successfully fund a campaign which is in favor of the creator and the platform as well.