Brightlands HIVE

Brightlands HIVE is the new start-up program that is being developed together with a number of strategic partners including the Province of Limburg, the Municipality of Heerlen, Mercurius Investments, Rabobank Parkstad, Connect Holland and BW Ventures. HIVE stands for Hi-Tech Innovation & Venture Engine. 

Brightlands HIVE is being developed for start-ups active in the digital sector. These companies just starting out need a specific additional approach when it comes to capacity for application design and development for example. The dynamics and speed of developments in the digital sector place different demands on funding. 

HIVE will give the Brightlands campus in Heerlen a “design & development machine” that is being fashioned from a mix of young talent and experienced staff. Start-ups will gain access to this development capacity. This is much more valuable for start-ups in this sector than a financial contribution alone. At the same time, this will help the campus satisfy its objective of attracting talent to the region and securing its loyalty to the area.