CADChain locks down CAD content copyright and serves as a gateway to tokenized CAD asset management via automatic creation and re-usage of secure geometric twins. CADChain facilitates community CAD-asset creation and supply chain interoperability by securing CAD data and irreversibly linking it to its owner. Blockchain and smart contracts are the underlying architecture of the CADChain ecosystem which is accessed via a CAD plugin. This way CADChain wants to achieve interoperability of a CAD-agnostic plugin, that provides real-time IP protection of CAD data, and a GDPR-compliant blockchain protocol, so that it allows for counterfeit prevention and can be legally accepted as evidence of ownership in the court of law. Semantic data modeling is used to create a common federated architecture of the ecosystem and its integration into data economy. 

You can contact us for:

  • Customer development:  We are looking for SMEs and large companies that use CAD in order to test drive our solution
  • Pilot Partners: We need CAD software producers and vendors, and CAD-related businesses who are willing to cooperate with us at the POC stage
  • Investment: We need investment for our POC stage in order to prepare the MVP and run several pilot studies
  • Mentors and advisors: We need experts in PDM systems, CAD, blockchain and ICT lava in order to help us with some ambiguous issues