InsureVite is a web and mobile based bot platform powered by artificial intelligence and blockchain that transforms the old business model in insurance. By replacing paperwork with algorithms, and injecting the latest technologies and focusing on providing responsive customer service and customer engagement, InsureVite creates a unique insurance experience that is seamless, reliable, transparent, secure, and, most of all, delightful, across the entire insurance value chain, across the whole spectrum of insurance products.

Benefits of InsureVite AI Chatbot:

Automated Advisory and Onboarding
Many of us fall under any of the 3 categories when trying to find out and buy a new insurance policy:

1.    Through an agent 
2.    Through a comparison site
3.    Through individual insurer’s website

More often than not, while these methods are good, it’s very time consuming, just imagine you have to set an appointment with your agent, or getting redirected to separate sites after you’ve selected your preference on comparison sites, or opening up many tabs to take a deeper look at each insurer’s offerings.

InsureVite simplifies the process by providing you with three quotes based on your preferences. Simply answer a few questions and we’ll sift through policy options based on your risk profile and coverage needs, and recommends the most appropriate product for you to choose from. No more redirecting, no more waiting for appointment, and no more multiple tabs!

Claims Management & Underwriting

Ever worried about whether your mail gets to the insurer? Well, now you can be rest assured it will! Submit a claim wherever and whenever you need. No need to download tons of insurer apps, no need for agents, most of all, no need to send snail mails. Simply tell our chatbot that you want to make a claim, answer some verification questions, and let our chatbot take you through, and let us take care of the rest. Track your claims submission with the chatbot anytime. Totally a hassle-free and delightful claims experience!