Loopbaan en ontwikkeling (Leo)

Leo is for everyone in the province of Limburg who is busy with his or her career. Whether you have just started your education, looking for work or have been working for quite some time. We offer our services in a low-threshold way. Independent, accessible and accessible.

The world around us is changing rapidly and that is no different for the labor market. That is why it is very important to keep growing. Leo helps you with that. Your career is yours and you influence it yourself. Leo makes you aware of the possibilities and motivates you to get started. Find out what suits you and what you are good at and stay on the job market. Now and in the future. Together we build a community where you can consult knowledge and (personal) career data. A place where you gain insight into your career. If you have questions about your career development, you can contact Leo. Leo is at your service, online and on location, through activities and through my network. I am Leo; for Career and development.