MEES Catering

MEES at work
See your company restaurant as a pleasant, connecting place for your employees, who have to deal with busy, flexible workplaces and different working hours. The company restaurant of MEES Catering is not just an outlet for food and drink. Adapted to the look and feel of your company, your employees feel at home. It is unique, individual, stylish and tasteful. MEES company catering pays attention to the presentation and thinks about concepts that suit your organization. The food is traditional, natural, homemade and fresh every day. Think of fresh herbs, smoothies and water with fresh flavors. Live cooking increases the atmosphere. Your employees get back to work with renewed energy.

MEES at school
How is your school restaurant? And how good is the food that you serve there? Young people have a great need for good nutrients. And at the same time, eating and drinking must be delicious, because the temptation of less sensible choices is great. Fortunately, healthy and energy-rich food can also be delicious! MEES Catering stands for traditional, natural, homemade and fresh every day. MEES school catering is flexible and adapts to the school, in form and style. This makes your school restaurant unique, personal, trendy and tasteful in every way. Young people in training can also get started, under the guidance of MEES.