Therapy in virtual reality.

The EMDR-VR app is the e-health tool for providing a more intensive EMDR trajectory.
By supplementing contact moments with the therapist with independent sessions in virtual reality, a blended care mix is ​​created that offers the best of both worlds. Sessions adapt to the client to offer a tailor-made experience.

An exploratory study in a non-clinical population (N = 42) shows a large (group) effect in the reduction of subjective unrest over three measurement moments. In addition, there are currently pilot projects with select parties that are at the forefront of innovation in mental health care and contribute to this as development partners.

Blended Care
Our product can be used at home independently, after consideration of the therapist. This allows virtual sessions to be alternated with face-2-face sessions in which a therapist can focus more on other aspects of a treatment process.

The course of the app is adjusted on the basis of choices made by the client during a session. This means that each session is uniquely tailored to the user in order to achieve the optimal result; because no treatment is the same.

Virtual Reality
Virtual reality is more than just a toy. We use the latest developments in this area, allowing the client to fully integrate into the virtual environment. Always a safe environment, no distractions, and extra visualization possibilities.