Re Use Materials

Re Use Materials is an engineering firm that focuses on making the demolition, construction and management of buildings circular. We do this by finding out which materials are in a building and then giving them a value. If you have these two crucial factors in the picture, you can give substance to effective and efficient use of raw materials and initiate the circular process. You can think of connecting the demolition and construction: old buildings will be dismantled and the materials that are released will then be reused in a new building. But circularity is more than reuse and eliminating waste. Profit can also be gained during the property management process.

We ensure that the materials that are already present in the building can last as long as possible and thus extend the life of the building.

Re Use Materials focuses on the 4 activities: providing insight, management, consultancy and product development. Unique to our approach is the concrete interpretation we offer our clients in the areas of circularity, sustainability, finances and societal issues. We do this by drawing up frameworks for the demolition, the further development of the design and the realization of buildings. But also by helping people with a distance to the labor market back to work within projects.

Re Use Materials is aware that circularity also has to deliver something under the line. We guarantee that our approach is never more expensive than traditional 'linear' demolition and construction. Our clients hold the control themselves, Re Use Materials relieves through a transparent and efficient process.

We share our knowledge of the latest innovations, work circularly and develop products that make this process concrete for our clients and make them even more applicable. An example of this is the unique data management system Cirdax. This software consists of various tools and methodologies that make it possible to gain insight into all the raw materials present, to calculate the value of these raw materials and to make them reusable (and therefore also a trader). In addition, circularity makes it measurable, brings the results achieved and links them with the latest technologies such as Blockchain and BIM.