ShareSquare is your personal guide to the city. We make connections between what people like and where they spend their free time and use this information to guide visitors to locations that are relevant to their interests.
We achieve this by incentivizing our users to share what they like and where they spend their free time anonymously and then use this information to show visitors where people like them spend their free time.

Companies spend a lot of money to communicate via advertisements without being effective, they don't reach the targeted consumers. Third parties are involved with who take money out of the chain and who influence the datastream based on the business models.

A decentralized platform to link companies and their events to target customers. Both customers and companies are categorized which creates an opportunity for the companies to reach the right consumers. Consumers can become ambassador and achieve special rights. Validated companies pay extra for extra services e.g. events organized by ambassadors.

We were part of the Techruption program in 2017 and choose to stay at the campus in Heerlen because the community and expertise we have access to here is priceless!