Smart Pay

Merchants and shopkeepers (both physical and online) are being charged high transaction fees (1.5 to 4%) by many service providers in the payment process (banks, VISA/MasterCard, payment aggregators, etc.). Up to 30% of the profits of merchants and shopkeepers is cut this way. Thus, near 60% of merchants still accept only cash.

A decentralized independent payment system on the blockchain. The use of blockchain technology cuts out the need for service providers and reduces transaction fees. That will significantly reduce the transaction cost for accepting cashless payments. For customers and users there is no difference from regular transactions with fiat currencies, because all the details of blockchain and cryptocurrencies happen behind the screens. This way the user experience (for both customer and shopkeers) is similar to regular transactions, but with all the benefits of the blockchain: low service fees, no service providers, transparancy and security.