A unique trainee program in the Netherlands and Flanders for IT talent.

With Train4smart services, we train 70 trainees in 18 months to become IT professionals in Flanders and the Netherlands. Through a cross-border work-study program, we prepare trainees for the high-tech jobs of the future.

In this thriving region we see a growing shortage of well-qualified IT staff. The work-study program has been tailor-made in collaboration with companies and knowledge institutes in this region. Talented trainees are given the opportunity to specialize in eighteen months, after which they can immediately be deployed in the jobs they need.

The program gives an important boost to the labor market and the activity in the Euregio and receives financial support from Interreg-V. Interreg-V is an EU subsidy program that strengthens and promotes cross-border cooperation, innovation and sustainable development in the border region.

Knowledge institutions in Flanders and the Netherlands offer a unique and integrated educational program for trainees who participate. This is done in an educational form in which classroom education and distance education alternate (blended learning). By choosing this teaching method, the trainees receive education that provides a thorough basic knowledge and there is also plenty of room for deepening and specialization.

Specialize in the most requested directions
Trainees can specialize in two main directions: Data Science and Software Development. Within these directions they can opt for a subspecialization in Software Engineering, Front-end Web Development, Data Analytics and Data Security.

Building up an attractive CV
Trainees are given the opportunity to develop as much as possible. This can be done through a unique combination of a challenging education on the one hand and gaining work experience in different companies in the Netherlands and Flanders on the other. In this way trainees build up an attractive CV and are of great added value in the IT labor market.

Learn and work in four blocks
The traineeship provides for four periods of education and internships at various companies. In the first two periods of the traineeship trainees build a solid foundation in knowledge and practical work experience. This experience and knowledge helps trainees in their choice to specialize. This is followed by two periods of specialization through a combination of education and work. The education takes place both in class and online in combination with meetings at the Brightlands Smart Services Campus in Heerlen and the Corda Campus in Hasselt. The traineeship is completed after eighteen months.

Personal development
More than 350 companies in Belgium and the Netherlands were asked about the skills and competencies of potential new employees. In addition to 'hard' competences, companies also find 'soft' competencies an important added value. Examples of such competences are problem solving capacity, creativity, ability to work together, cultural sensitivity, entrepreneurship and learning ability. Coaching on these competencies forms an important part of the traineeship.