Yieldport is a communication / investment platform guiding investors in the new classifications of alternative (p2p) investing options, which we classify as loans to businesses (direct lending), real estate, and mini-bonds. We roam the globe for high yielding projects, using our aggregator. A custom search algorithm crawling the financial world. This data is used to provide a clear searching tool for our customers with extra information emphasizing a ‘sane’ yield to risk ratio, matching their risk profile. Our mission is to provide investors in direct lending a way to establish an alternative income portfolio. Through our data analysis we aim to provide our users with the most interesting deals out there, which they can then purchase directly from all different sources within one mouse click. whilst monitoring these investments within their personalized Yieldport dashboard.

Low returns on fixed income products and lack of accessibility to other investment product for consumers.

Platform to build customized investment portfolio based on existing investment projects.