ToxGenSolutions B.V.

ToxGenSolutions B.V. is the newest spin-off company of Maastricht University and the Maastricht University Medical Center (UM/MUMC+). The company was founded in response to the promising research results of the Netherlands Toxicogenomics Center, led by Professor Jos Kleinjans. ToxGenSolutions aims to develop gene-expression profiles that can accurately identify the toxicity of unknown substances. ‘This technology makes it possible to identify and classify hazardous substances in an economically responsible way, without using laboratory animals,’ says Erwin Roggen, the CEO of the new company.

ToxGenSolutions is partly based on a number of exclusive international licenses and patents from UM/MUMC+. The company recently received a PreSeed grant from the South Limburg valorisation programme. The PreSeed fund was established with the support of the Ministry of Economic Affairs to financially support young entrepreneurs in marketing the knowledge of Limburg’s knowledge institutes. ‘The licences and start-up grants will help ToxGenSolutions continue to develop new test methods,’ says Dr Henri Theunissen, head of the Maastricht Valorisation Center. ‘We’re proud of this new Maastricht start-up and will continue to support the company in its efforts to create added value for society based on their scientific findings.’

Version: 22/12/2017