Walnut.Marketing helps ambitious SME Entrepeneurs to design, elaborate and execute a big data driven marketing strategy. A result-oriented strategy focused on attracting prospects and conversion. We only use the most innovative and latest marketing techniques to make sure we attract that customer.

Data Driven Marketing is a holistic, big data driven marketing approach. Through online marketing techniques visitors are attracted to your website. We use not only smart tools that can gather data but analyze them as well. This gives the unknown visitor a face. Based on qualitative and specific content, we make every prospect a satisfied customer.

Our approach to setting up your marketing strategy does not only exists out of data and anaysis. It’s the people behind all of this data that are the true power of Walnut.Marketing. Anyone of them is an expert in online marketing, whether the problem is with your content or Google Adwords. They are there for you!

We are your own business-oriented marketing department. Along with you, we take the next steps towards further growth of your organization. Whether you want to outsource marketing as whole, or want to do a lot yourself with the right people behind you. We are your partner!