Xillion ICT Solutions

Xillion takes care of the ICT systems of its customers. We also ensure that the IT systems and the business processes of our customers have an optimal match.
To achieve this we commit us to long-term and intensive cooperation with our customers. We can help you in different ways with your automation problems. Either on a project basis, or through a number of services, we can take responsibility for your systems, so you can focus on your core business and rely on a team of specialists for your ICT needs.

Many organizations have a need for IT systems on-site, whether or not supplemented with one or more cloud services. These IT systems need maintenance on-site and the users need a professional service desk to answer their questions.

Cloud Solutions
Cloud solutions are a vast component in the current IT landscape. With our cloud solutions, we deliver high quality services through the Internet or a dedicated connection. The solutions we provide range from e-mail, backup and telephony, to a complete work environment in the Cloud.

Software solutions
Xillion goes beyond just delivering technical solutions. With our software solutions, we also look at your business processes and information flows. We analyze and optimize them through the targeted use of software, ranging from traditional to modern desktop, server and mobile apps.

Advice & Consultancy
Do you have your own IT department or do you already use one or more IT partners? In that case there may be issues for which you would like to consult an independent specialist. Our infrastructure, network and security specialists are always ready for you to exchange ideas and assist you in a variety of issues.