Zuyd University of Applied Sciences

Zuyd University of Applied Sciences develops and transfers high-quality and practice-oriented knowledge. Our main goal is to prepare students for their future professional careers.

We value the principle of lifelong learning and the personal development of professionals. We believe that we can contribute to the full development of every individual’s unique talents.

We believe in the value of knowledge and competences, focussed on themes that are most relevant and meaningful to the strength of our region. Getting knowledge to work is essential to make students and companies excel in the fields of Chemistry, Technology in Care, New Materials and New Energy.

For each of these themes Zuyd established a Center of Expertise:

  • Center of Expertise for Chemelot Innovation and Learning Labs (CHILL)
  • Center of Expertise for Innovative Care and Technology (Expertisecentrum voor Innovatieve Zorg en TechnologieEIZT)
  • Center of Expertise for New Energy, Built Environment and Renewables (NEBER)

Our Centers of Expertise and our faculties connect education, research and lifelong learning. Our research is aimed primarily at the development and transfer of practice-based knowledge.

Students doing research Zuyd laboratory