Brightlands China Center

Bringing Limburg to China and China to Limburg

The Brightlands China Center supports entrepreneurs and organizations in Limburg interested in doing business with China. They do things a bit differently in China than we are accustomed to here in the Netherlands. Anyone considering doing business in China would be wise to prepare well beforehand. Brightlands China Center can help. We speak the language, know the culture, can navigate our way around and – very important in China – we have an extensive network of contacts there. Our work is always customized: from a simple market study to the final contract negotiations and of course everything in between. 

  “We want to create social, economic and business impact for Limburg”

Our strengths

We know the way in China
We speak the language, know the ins and outs of local legislation, which organizations are involved, what the cultural sensitivities are, and how you build relationships and conduct negotiations. In short, the best way to do business with China.

Unique public-private platform
Brightlands China Center works closely with Limburg knowledge institutes, companies and the government. The fact that we receive intensive supportfrom the Province of Limburg, the municipality of Maastricht and the knowledge institutes in our area inspires a great deal of trust in our Chinese partners. This ensures doors open which would otherwise remain closed. In China, government bodies are always closely involved in all sorts of business initiatives. 

Our network
Good business and personal relationships - ‘Guan Xi’ in Chinese - are incredibly important. For entrepreneurs without contacts, it’s nearly impossible to get a foot in the door anywhere. We have already made these contacts. Our network continues to grow daily, and consists ofgovernment parties, companies and organizations from the Limburg top sectors:

-      Health care
-      Food
-      Materials
-      Data science 

Always customization
No two clients have the same wishes. For one client, we are studying whether China can be an interesting sales market, and for another, we are looking for the right manufacturer or distributor. Sometimes, we map out the situation with patents and licenses. At other times, we put entrepreneurs and investors in contact with one another. We develop the most suitable strategy forevery client and every objective. 

Giving and receiving
Doing business with China is a two-way street; from here to China but naturally also the other way around. Parties in China are generally very interested in doing business with Europe. We give and receive contacts, knowledge, products and services. In China, we are also finding interesting innovations in medical science, materials, agri-business, hi-tech and data science.

Investments and funds 
Chinese investors have a high degree of interest in innovative Dutch products and companies. Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus and Chengdu Medical City have, for example, set up a joint venture capital fund to support promising start-up companies. 

Brightlands and Limburg on the map
We regularly host Chinese delegations interested in working with parties in this region or setting up their own base of operations here. We also take Limburg companies and organizations on trade missions to China where we naturally seize as many opportunities as we can to increase awareness about Brightlands and Limburg among Chinese companies and institutions. We organize workshops, symposiums and matchmaking events both in the Netherlands as well as China where we place attention on Limburg and the Brightlands campuses. Limburg companies and institutes can present their products, services and technologies at our permanent exhibit at the Exhibition and Trade Center in Chengdu.

China business community in Limburg
There are already many companies and organizations with Chinese contacts and contracts in Limburg that are happy to share their experiences. Discovering things together and taking action as a group is not only interesting, it can also be very rewarding. We recently started the China business community in Limburg intended for researchers, entrepreneurs and students. In short, the community is for anyone interested in doing business in China.