Brightlands China Center

About the China Center
The Brightlands China Center is a newly established office based in Maastricht, in the southern Netherlands. It aims to create and strengthen business between China and Europe in Biomedical and Life Sciences and Health Care. The center is a joint initiative of the Brightlands campuses and the Dutch Province of Limburg. It is a portal for Chinese companies and institutes to enter the Dutch—and European—markets, and through which Dutch companies and institutes can do business with China.

Maastricht and Chengdu have been sister cities since 2012. In June of 2014, their home provinces, Limburg and Sichuan, signed a friendship treaty bringing the two cities even closer. Both provinces have identified Life Sciences and Health Care as key sectors. The Chinese market is expanding rapidly, making it an attractive proposition for European companies, especially in Biomedical and Life Sciences and Health Care. Chinese scientific companies and health institutes are in contant search of new knowledge, advanced technology, and investment opportunities abroad. However, the sector is a complex one, complete with entry barriers and severe competition.

The Brightlands China Center aims to glean tangible results from this new Dutch-Chinese connection and benefit from the opportunities that Chinese investments bring. It wants to match resources and initiate dialogue. And, by creating an open channel, the Center hopes to overcome the barriers caused by entry regulations, language and culture, and establish successful business and cooperation with China. The Brightlands China Center aims to turn challenges into opportunities and turn opportunities into tangible results.

The Brightlands China Center will serve as a central point of contact for Chinese business community. We plan to maximize value and output for the Limburg area through partnership and investment. As an integrated center, we will create and strengthen business and scientific collaboration in Biomedical and Life Sciences and Health Care between China and Europe as a whole.

Members of the Advisory Board (from left to right)
Dr. Mei Wang, Dr. Ning Qu, Jinder Hug-Wong, Dr. Huipin Yuan and Robbert Lambriks

Dr. Mei Wang
Mei Wang is director of SU BioMedicine, a company that investigates traditional Chinese medicine under the auspices of the Netherlands Organization of Applied Scientific Research (TNO). In 1988, she was awarded a PhD in cell biology and genetics from the University of Leiden and a BSc (in 1982) from Peking University. Since 1998 she has been an associate professor in the University of Leiden Molecular Biology Department. In 1991, she joined the Department of Applied Plant Sciences at the TNO and was promoted to Director of SU BioMedicine in December 2007. SU BioMedicine is the world’s first company to gain the registration of a Chinese medicine produced in China according to European Traditional Herbal Medicinal Product rules (directive 2004/24/EC).

Dr. Ning Qu
Ning Qu completed his medical education at the China Medical University in 1991. He received his specialist training in Cardiothoracic Surgery at the Shanghai Chest Hospital and the University Medical Center, Groningen. He is a registered clinical practitioner both in the Netherlands and China with a strong emphasis on lung transplants and surgical intervention on atrial fibrillation. He received his PhD in Lung Transplantation from Groningen University and currently holds two visiting professorships in Cardiac Surgery and Mental Health. In recent years, Dr. Qu has been active in medical innovation exchange between China and Europe. He is the founding chairman of the Sino-EU Medical Innovation and Cooperation Platform (SEMICO foundation, UMCG Groningen).

Jinder Hug-Wong
Jinder Hug-Wong has lived in Europe for more than ten years, working in Belgium, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. Her strengths are in global sales and account management within the logistics arena. She has worked with some of the biggest Asian enterprises, managing their supply chains, utilizing her extensive experience in bridging the language and culture gap between Asia and Europe. She focuses on high-tech industries, automotive and health care, specifically with medical devices. Jinder is fluent in English, Mandarin, Dutch, and speaks the Cantonese and Hokkien dialects. Ms. Hug-Wong was president of the Lions Club Maastricht Mondial in 2014 and 2015.

Dr. Huiping Yuan
Huipin Yuan received his BSc in Physiology and Biophysics in 1989 and his MSc in Physiology in 1992 from Peking University. He was awarded a PhD in Biomedicine from Leiden University in 2001. Dr. Yuan joined IsoTis SA, a tissue engineering company in the Netherlands as Junior Research Scientist in 2001, he was promoted to Research Scientist a year later and Senior Scientist a year thereafter. He co-founded Xpand Biotechnology in 2004, Progentix Orthobiology in 2007, and Revesios in 2009.

Robbert Lambriks
Robbert Lambriks received his Master’s degree in Arts in Sinology in 1998. He worked as assistant manager at the China Europe Center in Rotterdam for a year and was then promoted to Chief Representative of the Netherlands Business Support Office in China where he remained until 2007. He worked for the Consulate General of the Netherlands in Guangzhou from 2008 to 2012 as Head of the Economic and Commercial Department. Mr. Lambriks now works for the Economy and Innovation Department in the Limburg Provincial Government as Senior Policy Advisor.