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Brightlands offers access to top academic knowledge at Maastricht University, Maastricht School of Management and the Open Universiteit (Open University). In addition, there are educational programs offered by Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, Fontys University of Applied Sciences, HAS University of Applied Sciences, and secondary vocational education (MBO) institutions on the campuses.

Brightlands has all the resources to provide a challenging learning environment for students and professionals. The Brightlands network offers highly validated, accredited and attractive scientific and practice-oriented programs. Besides that you can follow courses in data science & smart services, health, life science, chemical, and performance materials.

Check the education programs of our partners

Maastricht University

Bachelor's program Maastricht Science Programme

Bachelor's program Data Science and Knowledge Engineering

Bachelor's programs Health and Life Sciences

Bachelor's program Psychology and Neuroscience

Bachelor's programs School of Business and Economics

University College Maastricht

University College Venlo

Master's program Sciences

Master's program Data Science and Knowledge Engineering

Master's programs Health and Life Sciences

Master's programs Psychology and Neuroscience

Master's programs School of Business and Economics

UMIO – Executive programmes

Zuyd University of Applied Science

Bachelor’s programs

Associate’s program

Fontys University of Applied Science

Bachelor's programs

Master's programs

Citaverde College

Brightlands Smart Services Campus

Post Graduate Education Program

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