Bachelor and Master Programmes

Effortless transition into the regional labour market

Maastricht University has two master’s programmes in conjunction with Brightlands. The master's programmes complement the existing Maastricht Science Programme, to give UM a full academic programme in the sciences. The master's programmes train knowledge workers to make an effortless transition into the regional labour market.

Master's degrees:

  1. Biobased Materials
    The Biobased Materials programme, which will be offered in the new Centre Court building on the Brightlands Chemelot Campus in Sittard-Geleen, focuses on the biological and chemical production techniques used to transform raw materials into functional materials and products. At present, no other programme approaches this issue from all angles (chemical, biological and physical).
  2. Systems Biology
    The Systems Biology programme is offered on the Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus. Systems biology is a new, interdisciplinary field that combines traditional biology and life sciences with elements of computer science and mathematics. This is the first independent master's programme of its kind in the Netherlands. Instead of examining individual components, the programme takes a systematic approach to biological and medical systems by using mathematical tools. This helps to create new questions and answers that lead to the development of new scientific and medical applications.

Bachelor's degrees:

  1. Maastricht Science Programme
    For students with a broad interest in natural sciences, Maastricht University offers its Maastricht Science Programme. Unique in this programme is the focus on natural sciences combined with an open curriculum. At the Maastricht Science Programme, education is used as the central tool in the personal development of students. They have the freedom to choose and the responsibility to direct their own education. Depending on ambition and interests, they can pick from a wide range of courses in biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics and various interdisciplinary fields such as materials science, biomedical engineering, entrepreneurship and neuroscience. With this open curriculum structure, students are free to focus on one discipline or combine multiple disciplines into a single bachelor degree.

Doing research is what science is all about, which is why Brightlands Chemelot Campus offers part of the program. At Chemelot Campus, the Maastricht Science Programme has its own fully equipped labs where students work on experiments and perform research each semester.