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Our world can be a much better place! The corona crisis makes us even more acutely aware of this, and how important it is to join forces. 30,000 Brightlands optimists believe that you can make materials, health, nutrition and services a lot smarter and more sustainable. How can we reuse plastic? How can we provide customized health care? How can we get the most out of our food? How can we use data safely and reliably? And how can we eliminate coronavirus?

Over Brightlands
About Brightlands

Innovating together

Four innovation campuses in Limburg, the Netherlands, are the backbone for Brightlands. Open environments where entrepreneurs, researchers and students innovate, dare to fail and create international breakthroughs together. In chemistry and materials, health, agrifood, data science and smart digital services. Join us to be part of tomorrow's life. Together we'll blur boundaries, between hope and fear, between science and business, between today and tomorrow and between dreams and actions. For Limburg and for the world. 

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Brightlands campuses

Four Brightlands campuses in Limburg are working hard on groundbreaking innovations in the fields of materials, circular chemistry, health, agrifood, data science and smart digital services. And combinations of these, all incorporating the mission Knowledge Crossing Borders. 

luchtfoto Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo
Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo
Tomorrow's food
luchtfoto Brightlands Chemelot Campus
Brightlands Chemelot Campus
Tomorrow’s materials
luchtfoto Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus
Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus
Tomorrow's health
luchtfoto Brightlands Smart Services Campus
Brightlands Smart Services Campus
Tomorrow’s smart services

A region bursting with talent

Brightlands is at the heart of a European border region where tomorrow's jobs are created, talents are developed, pioneers feel at home and companies can innovate. It’s a place with an international mindset, where people truly understand what quality of life means. This is a region where people are accustomed to working together across borders. In short, it’s the ultimate place to grow!

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Studenten die deelnemen aan een conferentie bij Brightlands

From cultured meat to green chemistry

Innovations come about at Brightlands thanks to the combination of entrepreneurship and science. Pioneering innovations involving the development of green chemistry or cultured meat, for example. But we are also coming up with new ways to safely share digital data or increase the nutritional value of crops.

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Join us

If you want to make the world a more sustainable, healthier place, start your business or research at Brightlands, enroll in an educational program or consider taking one of the challenging jobs available at the campuses. Brightlands is the place to innovate, learn and network. You're more than welcome!

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bssc marketing
Strategisch Marketing Management (SMM)
November 15, 2021 and Januari 24, 2022
istock foto
Chemelot, Brightlands Chemelot Campus and Brightsite @EIES 2021
December 7 - 8, 2021
Talking Experts event
Volantis Talking Experts 2nd edition | Risk-based fire safety (in Dutch)
December 8, 2021
data science
Public Services Lab inspiratiesessies
December 9, 2021
AMCA Conference
Additive Manufacturing Climate Action Conference
December 10, 2021
bssc gezondheid en data
Masterclass Sport, Bewegen, Gezondheid En Data
December 13, 2021
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