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Brightlands Chemelot Campus boosts innovation and business growth by giving tenants access to talent, knowledge, infrastructure and entrepreneurship. This enables this vibrant community to create performance materials, sustainable processes and biomedical solutions for a more sustainable world. Brightlands Chemelot Campus is the ideal breeding ground for materials science and innovation.

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Chemelot Circular Hub

The transition to circular chemistry

The Circular Hub will transform Limburg into a circular society, with the Chemelot Industrial Park and adjacent Brightlands Chemelot Campus forming its beating heart.
For residents, the Circular Hub will lead to a CO2-free living environment, where waste is the raw material for new products. Entrepreneurs and industry will be able to achieve economic growth. The arrival of new companies and new residents will create opportunities for city centers and residential areas. New jobs in the circular economy will lure young people to Limburg, to build their future and enjoy educational opportunities.

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Brightlands Chemelot Campus
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Performance materials, sustainable processes and biomedical solutions

Are you interested in studying, doing research, boosting your career, scaling up, growing and financing your business in chemistry and materials? Or in renting office space or finding an inspiring location for your headquarters or R&D division?

Brightlands Chemelot Campus is a breeding ground for materials science and innovation. Join the community and boost innovation together!

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BCC SABIC materials
Innovation in Performance Materials
Performance materials for a sustainable future
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Biomedical solutions
Development & scaling expertise and facilities
BCC sustaibale processes
Innovation in Sustainable Processes
Circular chemistry hub of Europe

Commercial space

The facilities at Brightlands Chemelot Campus offer everything engineers, researchers, entrepreneurs and students need to work on innovative performance materials, biomedical innovations and sustainable chemistry processes.

Startups, small businesses, corporate enterprises and knowledge institutes can share, rent or build scalable offices and flexible workspace, state-of-the-art labs, cleanrooms and (mini) pilot plants.

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AMIBM Brightlands Chemelot Campus
Biomedical materials by Brightlands Chemelot Campus

Innovative research & development

Brightlands Chemelot Campus offers the best education, training, research opportunities and research facilities such as cleanrooms for developing biomedical materials to use in the highly innovative field of cell therapy and regenerative medicine. This is why innovative research and development are being done in the fields of biobased materials, biomedical materials, materials that enhance sustainable applications and additive manufacturing.

You’ll also find expertise in sustainable chemistry processes, such as chemical recycling, biobased processes, hydrogen production and electrification.

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Brightlands Chemelot Campus community
An innovative chemistry and materials community
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Startup Support
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Developing the talent of the future
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Access to talent

Excellent education based on industry needs produces talented young professionals. Brightlands Chemelot Campus offers you access to talented scientists and young professionals through talent development programs, events and research projects. The knowledge institutes with a presence on the campus create this talent through excellent educational programs.

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