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How our materials and chemistry community makes an impact on society? As a result of our research efforts, our materials, innovations and technologies contribute to improving people’s lives and to making our way of life more sustainable. The sustainable chemistry processes, circular materials, performance materials and biomedical materials make consumer goods more durable, our planet greener and our people healthier.

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A Circular World
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Brightlands Chemelot Campus

European breeding ground

In 1940, we started with one laboratory with the conviction that chemistry research could improve our daily lives. Eighty years later, the Brightlands Chemelot Campus community exists of 3.900 bright minds working on sustainable materials and process innovation focused on eliminating waste and the continual use of resources.

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Circular materials and chemistry innovations

According to the triple helix innovation model, real impactful innovations are only possible when companies, knowledge institutes and governments work together. Our campus is one giant laboratory where academia and industry collaborate to make chemistry more sustainable and circular, which makes it the best breeding ground for material & chemistry innovations.

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A Circular World

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A history of improving daily live

Eighty years ago, our scientists knew that chemistry would make our lives better. For eighty years now, the professionals of our material and chemistry community research and develop materials and chemistry processes that improve our lives. Their performance materials have made consumer products more durable and easier to produce, machines perform better, vehicles move faster and food taste better. With growing attention for the impact on nature, sustainable material and chemistry became very important.

With success, Geleen is now known and the number one Circular Hub of Europe. More discoveries and innovations have broadened their focus again with biomedical material and hybrid materials that can be used in medical products making surgical and daily health interventions, as well as materials that help bodies heal themselves. 

Breeding ground of innovation

Brightlands Chemelot Campus is the creative breeding ground for innovation in smart materials and sustainable manufacturing. Its innovations are powered by its innovative mindset to improve quality of life, its collaboration between government, universities and the industry, and because the pleasant environment allows talent to blossom. The bright minds of the community inspire and stimulate each other to discover and develop improvements to materials and chemistry processes. Great community chemistry leads to great chemistry solutions.

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