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Embrace the boundless future of circularity and sustainability

Brightlands Chemelot Campus stands for a sustainable, circular and healthy future for everyone. The world of chemistry and materials plays a major role in this. Our campus offers the jobs of the future. Talent is nurtured here. Pioneers feel at home. And new knowledge is used to establish innovative companies with real impact.

Every day, you work with teachers, scientists, and entrepreneurs to achieve innovative breakthroughs in the field of green chemistry and circular materials.

We are building a sustainable, boundless future. Come join us!

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Behind the scenes at Brightlands Chemelot Campus

Our blog series ‘Are You Ready’ takes you on a tour of various career opportunities on Brightlands Chemelot Campus for people with a talent for chemistry and materials. Jobs range from laboratory assistant and financial controller to entrepreneur and teacher. But they all have one thing in common: they contribute to a circular world!

For our blog series, we spoke to Gino van Strijdonck, a teacher at CHILL – Chemelot Innovation and Learning Labs; Marc Poulissen, Program Manager at VIRO; Jurgen van de Rijke, financial director at Brightlands Chemelot Campus; and Wilco Peeters, scientist at InnoSyn. Four different personalities, each committed to sustainability in their own way. You can read about their journeys in the following blogs.

Are you ready to learn?

Gino van Strijdonck | Teacher, CHILL – Chemelot Innovation and Learning Labs

I am making a difference for the future by educating students who will permanently change our environment.” Read how Gino’s passion for the natural sciences is preparing you for the future.

Read Gino's interview

Gino van Strijdonck
Jurgen van de Rijke

Are you ready to lead?

Jurgen van de Rijke | Financial Director, Brightlands Chemelot Campus

“Everyone, regardless of their position, can make sustainable choices.” Find out how Jurgen contributes as a financial director here.

Read Jurgen's interview

Are you ready for circularity?

Bas van Westerlo | Business Unit Manager Circularity, Volantis

"It gives me energy and an extra boost to take another step towards a circular world every day."

Bas van Westerlo
Are you ready to invent? Wilco Peeters

Are you ready to invent?

Wilco Peeters | Scientist, InnoSyn

We are ‘greening’ our processes, ultimately making them more environmentally friendly, with the help of enzymes in microorganisms.” Wilco and his sidekick Bertha know better than anyone that nature is your best friend when it comes to making the world more sustainable.

Read Wilco's interview

Are you ready to connect?

Marc Poulissen | Program Manager, VIRO

Marc creates synergies between circularity and project management. Watch the video about how this can help you focus on a viable future.

Watch Marcs video

Marc Poulissen

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