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Brightlands helps companies that are facing challenges in the fields of sustainability, health and digitalization. Startups, SMEs and corporate businesses will find at Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus the knowledge, talent and facilities they need to get started, grow and innovate in health. 

At Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus, you will be part of an international community of over 9.500 innovative entrepreneurs, talented researchers and promising students. With access to state-of-the-art R&D facilities, meeting spaces and workplaces, events and an international network of experts, your company will have the best possible chance at success. This is what makes the campus such a unique place to start a company, innovate or grow your existing company or organization.

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Brightlands Venture Support

There is so much knowledge and experience available at the Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus. This includes know-how on business development, marketing and communication, legal advice, financial advice, office and secretarial support and event support. Our experts are happy to help you come up with solutions, and at reasonable rates.

Support and services in healthcare
For startups and companies at Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus

International business

Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus has a base of operations on the west coast of the United States and in China, Chengdu. We offer a springboard for start-ups and entrepreneurs who are interested in entering the American or Chinese market from their base in the Limburg region. Conversely, it will also act as a gateway to Europe for American and Chinese companies.

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Brightlands China Center
Strengthen business between China & Europe
Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus in the USA
A gateway to Europe

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