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Brightlands Smart Services Campus in Heerlen is a community of entrepreneurs, researchers and students. Together they develop new smart digital services to improve the quality of life. 


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Place for digital innovation and growth 

Brightlands Smart Services Campus is the place where digital start-ups, companies, governments, research institutes and students learn, innovate and grow together. The campus consists of a community of experts working at 80 companies and institutes, start-ups and large organizations such as APG, CBS, Accenture, Conclusion, the Dutch Police and ASR.  Together, they are working on innovations in services that make life safer, healthier and more sustainable, benefiting from the support of young digital talent from campus-related knowledge institutes

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Brightlands Smart Services Campus offers state-of-the-art facilities for starters, students, entrepreneurs and researchers. The campus offers scalable office spaces, meeting rooms, flexible workplaces, data labs, lecture halls and conference rooms. 

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Innovation program for companies

Brightlands helps corporate enterprises and governmental organisations to innovate with data science and digitization. The unique innovation and co-creation program Brightlands Techruption supports smart data scientists with identifying useful disrupting technologies, overcoming digital challenges and co-creating smart solutions.

Supported by knowledge institutes, they apply deep knowledge on data science, artificial intelligence, blockchain, self-sovereign identity, multi-party computation, legal analytics and decision-making. In this way, corporate companies can grow their business and governmental institutions can make their daily business more effective.


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Data Science
Data science at Brightlands
Innovation through data science
Brightlands Smart Services
Smart Services at Brightlands
Digital services that improve tomorrow’s life
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Brightlands Smart Services Campus for corporate enterprises
Make maximum use of digital innovation
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Brightlands Smart Services Campus for SMEs
Everything for SMEs to do business successfully
BSSC startups
Brightlands Smart Services Campus as starting point for startups
All the facilities to start your company successfully

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