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Want to make business operations more efficient, transform data into knowledge or enhance cyber security? Join Brightlands Techruption.

Profit from tech innovation

Join Brightlands Techruption and co-create profitable process improvements:

  • Improve decision-making with better business intelligence: data mining, connected data, advanced analytics and data visualization
  • Enhance cyber security: secure data transfer processes and computations without shared data access
  • Improve data governance: higher data quality & better data security
  • Ensure continuous compliance: better regtech
  • Empower smart operations: digitization in business process management

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Collaboration is necessary

Technology, digitalization and the field of data science continue to develop rapidly. Even innovation teams at large organizations often find it a challenge to keep up on their own. Collaboration between people from different areas of expertise - not afraid to share their different perspectives - is the most effective and efficient way to come to new insights and create impactful innovation.
Brightlands Techruption enhances your innovation power through knowledge sharing around advanced technologies, like MPC, blockchain, AI, SSI, data visualization. Its collaboration projects help you drive impactful innovation and accelerate development processes towards practical solutions that make business operations more efficient.

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Brightlands Techruption offers

  • a proven scientific method for open – i.e. collaborative – innovation.
  • just the right collaboration partners from a large community of bright academic, legal and industry experts.
  • safe collaboration: our experts know exactly how business processes can be benchmarked and improved collaboratively without revealing sensitive data.
  • project coaches that guide the entire innovation process, ensuring the right issues are addressed and the appropriate decisions are taken at the right moment. He or she makes sure that your project fits seamlessly into the day-to-day-operations of your organization.
  • a great meeting space, workspace and event space at Brightlands Smart Services Campus - the hub for the data science community of the Meuse-Rhine Euroregion.

Tech innovation that pays off

Brightlands Techruption is the no. 1 open innovation platform. Brightlands Techruption has a proven track record with large enterprise projects. Up to now, more than 20 different collaborations on innovation are realized between leading knowledge institutes - like BISS, CAROU, TNO and Zuyd - and large, innovative companies, as well as governmental organizations.

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Examples of innovation projects

Organizations such as IBM, Rabobank, KPN, CZ and CBS already chose to co-create innovation with Brightlands Techruption. Here you can read their collaboration stories and business cases.

Brightlands Techruption use case
Panoptes: carbon footprint visualizations
Preventing poverty with multi-party computation
Exploring multi-party computation with Brightlands Techruption
IXO Talent Management System
Human capital
BSSC_blockchain healthcare
Organisational, legal and ethical questions regarding MPC
Results of our survey
Bright Story: Self Sovereign Identity
The good, the bad and the ugly
Bright Story: Future-proofing smart contract
Governance using governor bootstrapping
  • Roadmap to powerful innovation

    1. Combine your expertise with other industry leaders, academic scientists, innovative data scientists and legal experts and share different perspectives.
    2. Co-create tech innovation: explore disruptive technologies hyper relevant to the business case.
    3. Experiment with and implement the technology to improve business operations, cut costs and make money.

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