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Working with Brightlands Smart Services Campus

Working with the Netherlands’ smartest community

A smart community of entrepreneurs, researchers and students, who see data science, blockchain and artificial intelligence as a source of new smart services for our quality of life. This is an open and permanent invitation to work with them. Contact us or visit one of our community events.  

Experiment, learn and grow

Based on open innovation, we come together to develop applications that help improve the quality of life. Through the Labchain project, for example, which enables hospital laboratories to digitally exchange patient data thanks to blockchain technology. Much safer and more reliable than the typed-out results that are currently sent by post. Or how about our VERA experiment? In it, we try to improve customer service by using artificial intelligence to recognize their emotions. Sounds futuristic? On our campus, we're working on it. Just like with dozens of other initiatives. It is an open environment where entrepreneurs, scientists and students together innovate, dare to fail and achieve breakthroughs. Always with the focus on what is socially valuable and commercially interesting.

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Brightlands Smart Services Campus community
Brightlands Smart Services Campus community
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Brightlands’ vision on innovation

Boundaries. You can explore them and move them, respect them or stretch them. At Brightlands we prefer to cross borders, knowledge crossing borders. Knowledge from science that leads to new products at companies, and knowledge from companies that gets new applications thanks to researchers and students. Stimulated by close cooperation between government, knowledge institutes and the business community. This is how we achieve international breakthroughs in the fields of health, food, materials and smart digital services. And combinations of these, because if you think without borders, new worlds open up. From the Brightlands Smart Services Campus in Heerlen, for example.



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The mindset and culture of the Brightlands Smart Services Campus

In this ecosystem that not only offers high-quality facilities but also a culture of openness and mutual trust, applications come about that can improve the quality of life, thanks to data and the latest technologies. These are projects that always bear in mind what is commercially viable but also socially desirable. Campus residents are not afraid to challenge the familiar, and to be truly disruptive. They also make room for the inconceivable, bringing breakthroughs within reach that may be applied responsibly. 

Meet our entrepreneurs, researchers and students

Brightlands Smart Services Campus organises events to connect startup, SME and corporate companies, researchers, investors, students and young professionals on campus. In this way they can easily transfer knowledge and inspire each other. The campus has an interesting calendar of events such as blockchain and multi-party computation or seminars on smart health, finance and legal, conferences on artificial intelligence, but also typical community events such as Christmas Karaoke, Game Nights or the Summer BBQ. Always with the focus to connect, learn and inspire. You are most welcome.

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Pieter Custers
Pieter Custers
Community Development & Techruption
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