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Knowledge crossing borders

Brightlands is proof that the Dutch Limburg region wants to play a leading role in working toward a vital future, and to seize opportunities that arise in a rapidly changing world.

This future starts with today's major societal challenges. Confident in the proven expertise and strength of transition, Limburg is committed to the most important thing: a sustainable and healthy future for our children and future generations. This commitment involves Brightlands as the place where tomorrow’s jobs are created now, talents are developed, pioneers feel at home and companies can grow, without borders.

Knowledge crossing borders

Borders. You can explore and shift them, respect or push them. Brightlands prefers to cross them. These innovations arise thanks to a unique approach in which science flocks to places where markets are developing. This is where our four Brightlands campuses grow as the axis around which a healthy and sustainable future revolves; these open environments are where entrepreneurs, scientists and students work together to innovate, aren’t afraid to fail and achieve breakthroughs. These are international breakthroughs in health, nutrition, materials and smart digital services, and combinations of these areas; after all, if you think without borders, new worlds can open up for you.

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Knowledge Crossing Borders

Tomorrow's life

New worlds are opening up with opportunities for entrepreneurs, researchers and students in the fields of sustainability, health and digitalization which are closely aligned with the United Nations’ sustainable development goals. These innovations include the development of green chemistry for example, or repair cells, where a patient’s own new cells are cultivated to replace the diseased original organ. They also include new ways to safely share digital information, and methods for increasing the nutritional value of crops. All of these innovations always take into account the potential social value and whether or not the product or service is commercially viable. This is how Brightlands contributes via Limburg to opportunities for the world.

Tomorrow's life

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