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Powering innovation

Innovation in sustainability, health and digitalization

Innovating together: the combination of science, entrepreneurship, talent and state-of-the-art facilities united under one brand. Brightlands enables research institutes and companies to innovate faster and more efficiently and ensures that innovative start-ups can make their dreams come true.


Almost 29,000 innovative entrepreneurs, talented researchers and promising students work every day on the major challenges facing the fields of sustainability, health and digitalization. Brightlands is a place where science and entrepreneurship inspire and reinforce one another. Knowledge from science leads to new products at companies and startups, and researchers and students take the know-how these companies acquire and convert it to new applications.

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Marc Cornelissen Brightlands Award

The Marc Cornelissen Brightlands Award is an incentive prize for sustainability pioneers to help them accelerate their dream project. The Marc Cornelissen Brightlands Award Foundation uses the award to stimulate the development of a community of sustainability pioneers. These candidates are entrepreneurs or scientists who, like polar explorer Marc Cornelissen (1968-2015), hope to work with others across borders, demonstrating courage and leadership for a sustainable future. The award consists of a memento and a cash prize of €35,000.

The Marc Cornelissen Brightlands Award was presented on January 20, 2021. Meet all of the sustainability pioneers. 

Meet the sustainability pioneers 

Panos Kouris, winnaar Marc Cornelissen Brightlands Award 2021
Marc Cornelissen Brightlands Award
Challenging pioneers to create a sustainable world

Innovate faster and more efficiently

At the four Brightlands campuses in the Dutch Limburg region, different communities contribute to groundbreaking innovations in the fields of materials, circular chemistry, health, nutrition and smart digital services. This also includes combinations of these areas; after all, if you think without limits, new worlds can open up for you.

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For a sustainable and healthy society

Groundbreaking innnovation

Brightlands makes innovation faster and more efficient. Entrepreneurs and researchers are working together to find solutions for the world. The development of green chemistry for example, or the cultivation of new artificial organs to replace the original diseased organs, or the development of sustainable prostheses. They are also working on new ways to safely share digital information, and methods for increasing the nutritional value of crops.

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Bright Story: Cultured Meat
80,000 Quarter Pounders from a single cell sample

Teaming up

Close cooperation between government, knowledge institutes and the business community is the basis for groundbreaking innovations, projects and startups at the four Brightlands campuses. Work with researchers, entrepreneurs and students on the major challenges in sustainability, health and digital solutions. You can gain access to a broad knowledge network by attending events at the campuses such as conferences, seminars and networking meetings.

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Teaming up at Brightlands
Innovative communities in agrifood, chemistry, materials, health and digitalization

Financing options

Business developers, investment directors and venturing specialists at Brightlands support scientists and entrepreneurs in selecting, applying for and putting together the right financing options, such as private equity, venture capital, loans, tax benefits and grants.

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Grenzeloze economie
Financing from start to growth
Access to subsidies, venture capital and investors

Brightlands makes innovation possible

  • Collaboration: close cooperation between government, knowledge institutes and the business community is the basis for groundbreaking innovation and startups.
  • Support: Brightlands offers programs for startups and scale-ups, can give you advice on the various financing options available for your business, help with the valorisation of your research and with grant and subsidy applications, and put you in contact with investors.
  • Inspiring community: you’ll have access to an international network of experts from business at Brightlands, as well as universities and students from universities, colleges and institutes of higher education.
  • Financing: Brightlands supports you in finding the right financing for innovation, business and research. 
  • Research facilities: Brightlands gives you access to state-of-the-art R&D facilities such as laboratories, the world’s most powerful MRI scanners and other imaging facilities, analytical tools, flexible cleanrooms, pilot plants, field labs, a cooking and flavor center, a gastrointestinal simulator and an interaction lab.
  • Research institutes: at Brightlands you will find accessible renowned research institutes in the fields of regenerative medicine, innovative diagnostics, circular chemistry, sustainable materials, nutrition, logistics, data science and biomedical applications.
  • Knowledge institutes: high-quality educational programs in health, chemistry, nutrition, agrifood and data science, at the university, vocational and higher educational levels.
  • Careers: through leading knowledge institutes, Brightlands offers prospects for a career in the scientific world and opportunities for a future as an entrepreneur, or a combination thereof.
  • Central location: the campuses are centrally located in the European Eindhoven-Louvain-Aachen top technology triangle.

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