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Talented region

European border region

Brightlands is a rapidly growing community made up of 29,000 innovative entrepreneurs, talented researchers and promising students specialized in the fields of sustainability, health and internationalization. Brightlands is located in the Province of Limburg, the Netherlands, a European border region with clear ambitions and a variety of talents.

Brightlands is a community that can help you as an entrepreneur, student or researcher to grow faster and better, to develop or to innovate. This community involves a variety of fields and specialties, such as bio-circular chemistry as a foundation for new materials and chemical production processes, health care, medicine and bio-sciences, safe and healthy nutrition, future farming, the (bio-)circular economy, smart digital services and data science, or combinations of any of these fields.

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Studenten op Brightlands Chemelot Campus

Groundbreaking innovations

Brightlands makes innovation faster and more efficient. Entrepreneurs and researchers are working together to find solutions for the world. The development of green chemistry for example, or the cultivation of new artificial organs to replace the original diseased organs, or the development of a high-tech coating to reduce energy. They are also working on new ways to safely share digital information, and methods for increasing the nutritional value of crops.

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Bright Story : Zonneverf
Bright Story: Solar paint
A high-tech coating to reduce energy

The place to innovate

Brightlands is located in the heart of the Eindhoven-Louvain-Aachen European border region. A place with clear ambitions, many talents, an international mindset and where people truly understand what quality of life means. 

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A region with ambition

Brightlands campussen met vliegvelden in de regio

Talent for tomorrow's jobs 

Four Brightlands campuses are an important linchpin in the development of talent in the Limburg region. Innovative education in which students, from vocational training to the university level, work closely with entrepreneurs and researchers on a sustainable and healthy future. It’s the place where talent is “groomed” for the jobs of the future, in a region with the innate talent for working with others across borders. In short, it’s the ultimate place to grow!

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Attractive region

Brightlands acts as a magnet for talented people. Limburg is an attractive region with an excellent work-life balance, an affordable cost of living and an international mindset. This area strikes an ideal balance between great ambitions for the world of the future and a love for tradition. Foreign students are making the conscious choice for higher education in this area and are increasingly choosing to pursue a career here as well.  Brightlands connects to a talented and innovative region where you will quickly feel at home.

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