AI | IA Conference on Artificial Intelligence & (strategic) InterAction

Event date: November 02, 201712:00u
End date: November 02, 2017

Photo: professional poker player Jason Les and Prof. Tuomas Sandholm.

On November 2, Brightlands Smart Services Campus will be host to a full day of state of the art AI technology focused on applying ArtificiaI Intelligence in settings of strategic interaction. Leading scientists and business experts will share AI developments, the latest AI experiments will be presented and project teams from the Techruption program will demonstrate the first prototypes developed in co-creation projects.

The program set-up by the Business Intelligence and Smart Services Institute (BISS) has been set-up to inspire the dialogue between the business and academic community working on AI.

Highlight of the day will be a keynote presentation by Prof. Tuomas Sandholm, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh. Prof Sandholm has recently gained world-fame for his AI program Libratus, which is the first computer program that could win a Texas Hold’em poker tournament against world-class human players.

Our second scientific keynote speaker is Prof. Stefan Kramer, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz. Prof. Kramer has gained high recognitions for his contributions to data mining, expressed by reward winning papers at several major data mining conferences.

The business keynote will be given by Hans Martens and Manuel Winkler from Another Monday, a world-wide leading company in Robotic Process Automation.

Your host of the day will be Mr. Red Sneakers, Gerrit Heijkoop.

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