Event date: May 02, 201716:25u
End date: May 02, 2017

Date: Tuesday, May 2
Time: 13:00-14:00
Location: BISS Institute

The next BISS Faculty Seminar is scheduled on Tuesday 2 May 2017, from 13.00-14.00, in which Prof. Dr. Tanja Vos, affiliated to Open University, will present her research on TESTAR - Test Automation at the User Interface Level.

Brief introduction: Testing applications at the User Interface level is an important yet expensive and labour-intensive activity. Several tools exist to automate UI level testing. These tools are based on capture replay or visual imagine recognition.

We present, a tool for automated GUI testing that takes a totally different approach and has demonstrated to be highly useful in practice. Using TESTAR, you can start testing immediately and you do not need to specify test cases in advance. TESTAR automatically generates and executes random test sequences based on a structure that is automatically derived from the UI through the accessibility API. Defects that can be found this way are crashes or suspicious outputs. For defects related to functionality, expected outputs need to be added to the tool. This can be done incrementally. The structure on which testing is based is build automatically during testing, the UI is not assumed to be fixed and tests will run even though the UI evolves, which will reduce the maintenance problem that threatens the approaches mentioned earlier.

If you wish to enrol to this seminar, please send an email to

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