First-In-Man: Medical Device Clinical Trials

Event date: June 14, 201710:00u
End date: June 14, 2017

Clinical introduction of new medical devices or biomedical material based therapies is the pinnacle in the biomedical research valorization chain. The setup and successful realization of first-in-man medical device clinical trials is an immense challenge requiring elaborate planning and documentation. Expert speakers will cover all relevant aspects in an effort to provide guidance on this path!

Confirmed speakers include:
-Dr. Joris Bannenberg, CEO Factory CRO
-Mr. Erik Vollebregt, Axon Advocaten, Attorney-at-law Specialized in Medical Devices
-Dr. Jeanette van Loon, Medical Device Projects BV
-Dr. Peter Ruys, Expert Consultant in International Medical Device Regulations Representatives of CCMO and IGZ

Location: NH Hotel Maastricht

For preregistration, send your contact details to:

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